Celebrations have long been part of human’s life ever since discovery of fire. Festivities or celebrations have joined human groups from various communities to make momentous occasions. We cannot negate the importance and benefits of celebrating happiness, be it small or big. Celebrating as a gathering gives a feeling of belonging that is crucial for human fulfillment. 

From birthdays to funerals, there is no limit to the celebrations as it shows who we are, where we originated from, what we’ve done, what we adore and even to remember who or what we’ve lost. Life is as exceptional and significant as we make it and it depends on how we apply meaning to different things in life.

We, at PHILDORA, believe in getting together to celebrate little events in life-whether it’s your anniversary, your success celebration, birthday, or your first day at the office, your first pay, or big events like your wedding or acknowledging what you’ve achieved, you just need a reason to celebrate. Research shows that the individuals who praise life by an attitude of gratitude and appreciation tend to be more creative. People who celebrate more often have a tendency to be more creative, have a strong immune system and have stronger social relationships. 

In the internet era, the advancements in technology have made it easier to come together and celebrate. Event invitations, over the years, have evolved as can be seen from digital invitations that we receive every now and then via email but then not much innovation happened after that. With the rise of mobile phones and smart devices, we developed a mobile first application to make event invitations not only simpler but also cool with beautifully animated GIF invitations. In your busy and hectic office routine, you don’t need to wait to come home in order to create the event as PHILDORA app will let you plan the party on the go.

With PHILDORA, you only need to follow three simple steps to send the invitations. First, select an occasion template for the planned event and personalize it. Next, select guests from your phone contacts. And finally, send the invitations. It is as simple as that. Your guests will get the invitation via SMS directly on their phones and they don’t have to download the application to send their RSVP response. We strive to remove all the hassles of event creation so that you can celebrate the only thing that matters. 

PHILDORA welcomes you to start sending INVITEs today! Download the App for FREE on Apple App Store and Google Play Store