Author: Vijay Surla

Party Invitations Made Easy For The Mobile

PHILDORA is a mobile app that lets you create beautiful GIF invites and send them directly to your phone contacts in less than a minute. The app provides all the features you will ever need to organize your party like a professional. Your guests will receive the invite via SMS and they do not have to download the app to send their RSVP response. HERE IS HOW PARTY INVITATIONS ARE MADE EASY FOR THE MOBILE ERA! With PHILDORA, invitations can be conveniently sent from your smartphone in three simple steps. 1. Select an event template for the planned event...

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Get Together & Celebrate with PHILDORA App

Celebrations have long been part of human’s life ever since discovery of fire. Festivities or celebrations have joined human groups from various communities to make momentous occasions. We cannot negate the importance and benefits of celebrating happiness, be it small or big. Celebrating as a gathering gives a feeling of belonging that is crucial for human fulfillment.  From birthdays to funerals, there is no limit to the celebrations as it shows who we are, where we originated from, what we’ve done, what we adore and even to remember who or what we’ve lost. Life is as exceptional and significant...

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